US based ING Source, Inc partners with UK based ING Source, Ltd

ING Source, Inc. of Hickory, NC, a USA medical products company, has announced the formation and partnership of ING Source LTD, Colchester, United Kingdom. ING Source LTD is a separate organization formed as the exclusive licensee and Distributor of all ING Source USA brands and products for the EMEA regions. ING Source, Inc. is the creator of the popular and now globally distributed “FS6® Compression Foot Sleeve” for Plantar Fasciitis. FS6 is the first in a line of patent pending products under the OrthoSleeve™ brand banner. ING Source, Inc. also markets the patented DermaSox® Diabetic Foot Treatment System. These products are sold successfully in twelve countries across the globe with distribution just now being made available in Europe after success with medical and retail channels in the U.K., including Boots Pharmacy. Dave Higgins, President and CEO of ING Source, Inc, USA, said” The formation of ING Source LTD will allow for more efficient, cost effective marketing and distribution of our unique vascular, orthopedic, and sports medicine products into the U.K., European Markets and the Continents of Africa, as well as the Middle East. Managing Partners for ING Source LTD include Mr. Barry Wright (former Practicing Podiatrist) and Mr. Darren Alger, both foot specialists and marketing experts in the fields of foot care and consumer health. ING Source LTD will serve all the current Distributors in the U.K. and South Africa, which include Maantra LTD; Canonbury Healthcare; Chateau International and others. Questions or comments should be directed to Mr. Darren Alger, Director, phone +44 1206 796247 or e-mail
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