Compression Knee Sleeve Comparison

The Best Compression Sleeve for Knee Support – Comparing OrthoSleeve’s KS6 and the NEW KS7!

Improving upon our original design, the KS6, OrthoSleeve is proud to offer an improved compression knee sleeve – the KS7!

the ks7 compression knee sleeve has seven zones of compression for great knee supportJust like the KS6 Compression Knee Sleeve, the new KS7 Compression Knee Sleeve provides the highest quality in medical grade orthopedic support. The KS7 offers seven zones of compression, whereas the KS6 offers only six zones of compression. The additional zone of Compression Zone Technology® provides even greater knee support and knee pain relief. The longer length grants extra stability, coverage, and greater overall knee support.

The KS7 Compression Knee Sleeve is perfect for people who are prone to knee pain and want to stay active.

Compression Knee Sleeves Provide Optimal Knee Support

OrthoSleeve’s compression knee sleeves are designed to boost circulation and allow for faster muscle recovery. The KS6 and the KS7 are designed to effectively provide relief from patellofemoral pain, chronic knee pain, swollen arthritic knees, patellar tendonitis, and other forms of knee pain.

We are proud to offer even greater support to the patella and knee joint with the new KS7. With an enhanced thigh band, the KS7 features gel stabilizer bars to keep the KS7 in place while you move.

If you’re searching for a compression knee sleeve for knee support, then the KS6 and the new KS7 provide effective knee pain relief.