Compression Sleeve FAQ

What is “Graduated Compression” and how does it work?

Graduated Compression is a medical compression sleeve technology for applying continuous pressure against the skin in order to compress the veins and increase their efficiency. Everyone has valves in their veins just like valves in a pump. When these valves are damaged or are too weak to work well, our compression zone technology® can help keep them operating more efficiently. Improving blood flow back to the heart improves overall health, which helps improve healing times and recovery processes.

Compression Zone Technology®, used in all OrthoSleeve products, utilizes medical grade graduated compression to improve circulation and support tendons, ligaments and muscles for maximum pain relief and prevention.

Can you explain Compression Zone Technology®?

Compression Zone Technology® refers to the use of compression or fabric tightness at varying places within a garment. ING Source invented this concept using high tech medical-grade compression equipment, normally used in the making of surgical stockings and supports. Combining this process with new age textile fabrics and fibers is what gives OrthoSleeve compression sleeves their unique ability to improve circulation and offer targeted orthopedic support.

If My OrthoSleeve Compression Sleeve Doesn’t Work Can I Return It?

If you do not feel support, pain relief or improvement in your condition within a week or so, you can return the product to your retailer or contact ING Source, Inc.

Can I sleep in my FS6 Compression Foot Sleeve?

Yes, the FS6 Compression Foot Sleeve is designed for extended use and to keep the Plantar Fascia gently stretched for pain relief and faster healing. Most people have reported an immediate sense of relief, usually after the first night’s use. If you experience any discomfort, remove them.

How Long Do the OrthoSleeve Products Last?

All OrthoSleeve compression sleeves are made with the best materials available.  If you follow the care guidelines, they will last the full life of the product, which is 6 months of continuous use. After six months of use and washes, all compression fabric begins to gradually lose its compression and therefore its effectiveness, even if you do not see any physical change in the compression sleeve at that time.

How Long Can I Wear OrthoSleeve Compression Sleeves Continuously?

OrthoSleeve compression sleeves are designed to the shape of the body and are anatomically correct in order to avoid binding and pinching, even after hours of wear. The general suggestion for any compression sleeve is to remove after 6-8 hours of wear or whenever you feel discomfort. Every person has her or his own shape and sensitivity, so if the product causes you any discomfort, remove it and contact us immediately. Every one of our compression sleeves is fully guaranteed.