Exclusive Deal for NY Chiropractors:

New technology in balance and pain relief!

FS6 Bracing
Foot Sleeve

CS6 Compression
Calf Sleeve

KS7 Bracing
Knee Sleeve

*Each style display pack contains 12 units of the same product.

If the products remain unsold after 90 days, the Chiropractic purchasers may exchange them for cash, credit, or replacement products.

Order ONE or all THREE.

OrthoSleeve, makers of FDA medical compression, is extending an exciting offer to local chiropractors for their Medical-Grade Bracing and Compression Sleeves for their patients. These new-technology bracing sleeves have sold millions, prescribed by Podiatrists world-wide.

OrthoSleeve Program Partners save 20% discount on opening orders when they purchase 12 per style, packed in the unique 12-pack counter display. This offer includes a risk free, guaranteed sell-through for up to 90 days. Profit margins from sell-through of your first order are shown above.