Achilles Tendonitis Treatment

Achilles Tendonitis Treatment


Achilles tendonitis treatment does not usually need much professional intervention. Achilles tendonitis treatment begins with:

  • Stretching and strengthening the Achilles tendon
  • Wearing a compression leg sleeve
  • Taking over-the-counter-pain medication

Doctors providing Achilles tendonitis treatment will usually recommend:

  • Pain Killers – Generally ibuprofen (Advil) or naproxen (Aleve) will ease mild pain.
  • Physical Therapy – Stretches and exercises to lengthening and strengthening the Achilles tendon. Helps reduce current pain and prevent future pain.
  • Orthopedic Supports – Heel-elevating insoles or other orthopedic devices can reduce the strain on the Achilles tendon, helping ease the inflammation and pain.
PLEASE NOTE: While some or all of these options may be effective in temporarily easing the pain of plantar fasciitis, they can also be difficult, costly, or uncomfortable.

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Achilles Tendonitis Causes and Risk Factors


Some common causes and risk factor that suggest you may require Achilles tendonitis treatment include:

  • Most common in middle-aged men
  • Conditions affecting the foot structure, such as fallen arches or flat feet
  • Running on uneven, hilly ground or in poor quality shoes
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Certain antibiotics
  • “Weekend Warriors” – only working out on the weekends

Achilles Tendonitis Symptoms


If you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms, you may benefit from Achilles Tendonitis treatment:

  • Mild ache in the back of the lower leg, especially after running
  • More acute pain may occur after prolonged activity
  • Tenderness or stiffness in the morning

More severe pain around the Achilles tendon may be a symptom of a much more serious ruptured tendon.

Explaining Achilles Tendonitis


Achilles tendonitis (or Achilles tendinitis) is a strain of the Achilles tendon. The Achilles tendon connects the calf muscle to the heel bone. Achilles tendonitis pain can be moderate to severe. Though not usually serious, the pain does need effective Achilles tendonitis treatment to ease symptoms.

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