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We're thrilled to have sold over 3,000,000 OrthoSleeve Compression Sleeves.

Our customers are our lifeblood, and the reason we're in business, so even more thrilling than the sales are the stories they tell about how ING Source products have helped them or their clients.

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I tried the new Darco sleeve, but went back to the FS6 because only FS6 has the compression zones that really give relief. The new Darco copy was a waste of money for me. I haven't even passed that pair on to another sufferer because they didn't work for me.
Love the FS6 Foot Sleeve.  It works!  I'm a personal trainer, avid tennis player and runner.  I was suffering from plantar fasciitis, and a friend recommended this product to me.  After putting it on,  I got instant relief.  Within days my heel pain was gone!  No matter what the sport is, I wear my FS6!
Thanks for creating a sleeve that really works! A happy camper, walker and runner!
Dr. Roy Lidtke - compression sleeve testimonials

The FS6 compression foot sleeve provides graduated compression across the arch, foot and ankle at a level to reduce edema and the pain associated with conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spurs, and other related conditions.

In addition the dynamic gait adaptation seen with the FS6 sleeves suggests that it may be producing a neuromuscular adaptation to improve foot function.

- Dr. Roy H. Lidtke DPM, CPed, FACFAOM

White Page FS6 Roy Lidtke DPM

Download and read the FS6 White Paper written by Dr. Roy Lidtke

Cyrilla Baer FS6 compression sleeve testimonial

I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and the laxity of my tendons and ligaments causes me great foot pain and a tendency to twist my ankles and fall. Prescription bracing was too expensive and drugstore bracing caused me more pain from the brace bulkiness.

Finding the FS6 has actually changed my life! While it can't fix the unfixable, it holds my feet together pretty well, has kept me upright when my foot has slipped sideways and allows me to walk far more than I could before, and they are so thin I can wear them in any shoe.

Literally NEVER leave the house without putting them on. I own 4 pair now and they are all holding up very well to constant use. I depend on them!

- Cyrilla Baer, NYC

compression sleeve testimonial from preacher about FS6 and CS6

NO LIE! These sleeves really work! My feet had become so stiff and sore from plantar fasciitis that I could barely walk. The condition was very painful. This went on for months. I couldn’t mow my lawn and my golf game went on hold (everyone knows preachers like to play golf on their day off).

I went to a specialist that gave me exercises to do, but they just made the pain greater. Then, I bought a pair of FS6 foot sleeves and within three days, I noticed a difference. Within a month, all pain was gone. I realize that I will always be prone to plantar fasciitis. So I plan to continue the use of my FS6. I also use the CS6 calf sleeve for extra support, especially when I travel. I want to do everything I can to avoid blood clots. I plan to live until I am 95 and I want to be upright and active. The FS6 and CS6 have become a good tool for me.

- Lonny McSherley, North Carolina

Scott McLelland‏ of McLelland Family Shoe Store - compression sleeve testimonials

The OrthoSleeve products are perfect for both our runners and seniors, we reordered in less than a month!

- Scott McLelland

McLelland Family Shoe Store
Your compression socks are Amazing!!!

- Nigel Kibble, Australia

First of all, let me start off by saying FS6 sleeves are AMAZING!

I work 40 plus hours on my feet. I'm involved in several community sports such as volleyball, basketball, kickball and softball. I'm also a father of five and coach several of my children in sports as well.

For almost 2 years I've suffered with plantar fasciitis and bone spurs in my heels.I have spent well over $500 trying different products locally and online. It has been a real challenge for me to work, play any sports or just play around with the kids. Some days the pain is so unreal and so unbearable I can't even stand on my feet, they are so swollen and bruised.

I ran across the FS6 sleeve online and figured I'd give them a try. When I first slip them on they feel super comfortable and you can really feel the support. After sleeping in them my first night, the next morning I ease myself to my feet like always trying to start the day not knowing if I'll be able to walk. To my surprise, I was pain free I was so excited I jumped out of bed and woke up my wife to tell her "I can't believe it! They work!" After wearing them all day at work there was still no pain.

After about a week of wearing them day and night, its was time for the real test (playing volleyball). I played really well in them with no pain whatsoever, but  I was sure I would be a lot of pain the next day. But I felt great once again! I have been wearing the FS6 for about 4 months now. I work, play sports and do anything I want pain free.  THANK YOU FS6!

- John Farley

Just want to let you know that the FS6 is awesome. It was recommended to me by Jeff Mercer a Pharmacist at Viewmont Pharmacy in Hickory. He is a personal friend of mine who knew I have suffered from Plantar Fasciitis. Thank you for such a great product. I am going to buy another one. After 6 months of continued wear it has ripped. I thought I could go without it but it is not possible. The burn and hurt start only 1 day without the FS6. Thanks again and God bless you."

- Nicky

Wore OrthoSleeves for my 4 mile run and my legs feel great! I think my patients will love them too! Ordering some for our office. Thanks for reaching out. Great product. Great comfort. Half our staff wearing the samples!


- The Vein Care Center

via Twitter

With screws from an ACL-repair, my 40-yr old knee has a personality of its own. The PS3 patella sleeve allows me to train and race without worrying about my knee slowing me down.  With several size options, finding the proper fit is easy and after the first mile of running, it self-adjusts into a comfortable position and I usually forget it's there.  Nice to find a product that offers a solution for athletes without causing other problems.  Thanks for the confidence booster!

 - Todd Fowler, McClelland Family Shoe Store

As an avid jogger with chronic knee pain, I was skeptical that a thin, light brace would ease my pain. After trying the KS7 Compression Knee Sleeve, I have become a believer. I wear the sleeve while jogging and also under my dress slacks to work every day, and the relief has been life changing.

- Jarrod Congdon, Winston-Salem, NC

These are just a few of the wonderful stories customers have shared with us.

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