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ES3 Compression Elbow Sleeve Testimonials

I am a tennis player that back in October if 2013 I started suffering from tennis elbow...after trying numerous splints, I finally tried the new ES3 elbow sleeve. This product is fabulous! It is non-restricting and doesn't come undone while I am playing like some previous splints did. It also keeps my elbow warm in cooler weather to help prevent extra pain. I will continue to use this product even though my tennis elbow is just about healed to prevent further injury. FYI~ I play tennis 4-6 days a week at least 2 hours each time I play. Thanks for introducing me to this wonderful product!

- Katie

Thank you so much for helping me pick the correct size on Friday.  I went to the gym right after that and the ES3 Compression Elbow sleeves made a huge difference immediately.  I was able to do exercises in my routine that I have not been able to do for months.  I also used them throughout the weekend while working in the yard and had the same results.  No pain during the work or workouts, and no pain the next day, which was not the norm before using the sleeves.  They are so comfortable that I can leave them on as much as I want and they keep the right amount of compression throughout the day, versus the old velcro style bands that only felt good for a short while and had to be continuously tightened to work at all. I already recommended the FS6’s to numerous friends and colleagues, and I will be doing the same for the ES3’s now.  Super products that actually work as promised! Thanks,

- John Hicks

I have suffered from Tennis Elbow for 2+yrs due to underline condition (Type II Diabetes) keeping me from a speedier recovery. I stumbled upon ING Source web site in search of a brace for my Tennis Elbow that won’t slip while doing daily chores and crafting. I received my brace, ES3 and within 2 weeks of wearing my brace from waking to just before retiring for the night I have had a tremendous healing and have been able to go back to my daily duties without the continued use of the brace. The brace has aided in the healing of my Tennis Elbow and truly grateful for ING Source and their technology in their braces. Just recently I have been getting heel pain from my treadmill speed walking. I started using the foot sleeve from ING Source, FS6, and keeps my feet stable and from the heel pain from getting any worse. Thank you ING Source.

- Yvonne B.-age 49- Crafter-diagnosed with Tennis Elbow

My wife was concerned for me after telling her about the burning, pain and loss of strength in both arms and grip. She told me about ING Source and bought ES3 elbow sleeves. I began wearing my elbow sleeves, ES3, every day on the job lifting, carrying mortar and bricks. These sleeves have been a great part in keeping me from getting worse. I like this elbow sleeve because it doesn’t slide out of place especially while I am working and it doesn’t make my arms sweat or itch. My wife also got a Patella Sleeve, PS3, because I do a lot of bending and climbing. It has kept me from straining my knee.

- William B.-age 49-Contractor

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