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PS3 Compression Patella Sleeve Testimonials

With screws from an ACL-repair, my 40-yr old knee has a personality of its own.  The PS3 patella sleeve allows me to train and race without worrying about my knee slowing me down.  With several size options, finding the proper fit is easy and after the first mile of running, it self-adjusts into a comfortable position and I usually forget it's there.  Nice to find a product that offers a solution for athletes without causing other problems.  Thanks for the confidence booster!

Todd Fowler, McClelland Family Shoe Store

The PS3 patella sleeve provides my knee with comfortable support, without limiting mobility or adversely affecting performance.

- Anonymous

The PS3 is great! Daily-wear or Race-Day gear, it provides my knee with the support I need without slowing me down!

- Anonymous

My wife was concerned for me after telling her about the burning, pain and loss of strength in both arms and grip.  She told me about ING Source and bought ES3 elbow sleeves. I began wearing my elbow sleeves every day on the job lifting, carrying mortar and bricks.  These sleeves have been a great part in keeping me from getting worse. I like this elbow sleeve because it doesn’t slide out of place especially while I am working and it doesn’t make my arms sweat or itch.  My wife also got a PS3 Patella Sleeve because I do a lot of bending and climbing. It has kept me from straining my knee.

-- William B.-age 49-Contractor

I have been using and wearing Orthosleeve products for my MMA training for the past month. I am using the PS3, CS6, and FS6 products during my training sessions. These products have the perfect compression on my Patella, calf and feet to give me a sense of extra comfort and stability. I do not overheat when wearing the products and the material used to create the sleeves help keep moisture to a minimum.  The sleeves also provide relief and comfort sore muscles when worn for a certain amount of time.  In all, these are very good products and I will continue to use them in my training and everyday wear when needed. -- B. Boswell-age 25-Athlete-MMA

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