FS6 Compression Sleeve Reviews

What impact has the FS6 had on the lives of others? Read the FS6 compression sleeve reviews below.

I purchased a Darco pair that showed the picture of yours and they weren't even close. I'm not cheap but I am frugal. If I need a product that works I will spend for it and yours does work….Thanks for making a great product. I hate knockoffs.

- Greb B

I slept in the FS6 last night and no heel pain. I am sold.

- Scott Weinstein

I have been wearing the FS6 since last Wednesday, and I don't have as much heel pain, just intermittent but I feel that is decreasing too. I like them much better than the standard compression stockings. I wear them w/everyday not just to work!

- Miya Lykins, RN Case Manager

I have plantar fasciitus and these have made my feet literally feel fantastic! Better than getting them taped at the podiatrist by far. I ordered another brand first, thinking I was getting a good deal, and I only got one sleeve. I then ordered the second one to the tune of 50 dollars for a pair and they are nowhere near as great as these. I wear them every day, and some nights to bed, they give the PERFECT amount of support! I love them!!

- L. Pasternack

Even though I had read many of the other reviews, I was still very surprised at how much the sock helped me. I have worn orthotics in my shoes all day every day for about 20 years. Occasionally I would have a brief episode of heel pain and the podiatrist's shot always took care of it. However, I did something while I was packing and moving back in May that caused a recurrence of plantar faciitis pain in one heel. The pain was very strong and, at times, shot up my leg from the heel. By late morning I was limping and by evening I had to sit with my foot up. Walking was incredibly painful. Went to the podiatrist monthly for shots 3 times. Each time the pain was lessened for a couple of days but as soon as I had to be on my feet for more than a couple of hours the pain came back as strong as ever. I was going through a lot of Advil. I bought a pair of these in November figuring I had little to lose for the price. The pressure in my arch and heel from the sock felt good right away. But the amazing thing was that I had only minor pain at the end of the day. Each day it got a little better until I was totally free of the pain.  I wear the sock on my right foot every day from the time I get dressed until I go to bed. I even bought a second pair so I always have a clean sock. They wash easily and dry quickly. I'm more than satisfied. I recommend them to anyone with heel pain.

- Cathie Q.

I LOVE these sleeves!!! They are the only thing that has helped my P.F. I am a RN in a busy ER and on my feet for 12hrs a day on concrete floors. I have bought multiple pairs of shoes to relieve the pain. I then bought the in-step insoles. The shoes with the insoles helped for a little while. Then the pain came back with a vengence! I ordered these sleeves, some Bio-Freeze and a small ball to massage my feet. First I did just massage, ice, and the ball that helped but after just a couple of hours at work I was back to limping. I thought that the sleeves would be too tight to wear all day but boy was I wrong!!! I have worn them every day and have been almost completely pain free!!!!! I was a little worried about rebound pain when I took them off in the evenings but there was none. I did get the size up from my regular size as others had suggested and they fit great! I just ordered two more pair!!!! If you suffer from plantar fasciitis you should really give these a try. I have suffered with foot pain for almost a year and this is the best relief I have had so far.

- Malena

I ordered this to help with plantar fasciitis/tendonitis which causes me tremendous heel pain. I had been wearing arch supports, braces and even taped my foot to try to alleviate the pain for a while and thought I would give this a try.  I was afraid it the top and bottom bands would be tight and cut off circulation but that is not the case. I wear a 6.5/7 women's shoe and the small fits very well. The compression on the arch feels great and so far, so good. I ordered the tan color so it is almost unnoticeable even when I wear flip flops.  This is much better than a regular ankle support because it covers the heel so there are no seams to dig into your skin.  If you suffer from heel pain, give this a try.

- D. Star

I'm getting amazing relief from my recent bad flare up of PF. Had PF for 5 years and usually can keep it under control with custom orthotics in my athletic shoes and stretches. But after walking through the beautiful, uneven cobblestone streets of Rome all day in my chic sandals (I knew that was stupid!) the pain started and a month after our return persisted. I was on the verge of calling the podiatrist and praying I wouldn't need another cortisone shot when I discovered these. Skeptical but desperate and since they were sold at a reputable local sporting store I took a chance. So comfortable that I couldn't imagine it would help...but it did! REALLY recommend wearing while sleeping. How amazing to get up in the morning and not get that stabbing feeling!

- Lisa

Amazing relief of daily plantar fasciitis pain in both feet. I wear them every night and most days. The relief was almost instantaneous...within a couple of hours I had little to no pain. After years of treatments, therapies and various orthotics I can't believe that this sleeve did the trick but it did. A have a few sets now so that I can rotate them. Worth ever penny!

- Yvonne

In conjunction with physical therapy, this foot sleeve brought immediate relief to a very nasty case of plantar fasciitis. I use it overnight, and it has made walking when getting out of bed possible. Before that, it was pretty rough.

- Miles H. Anderson

This fits like a glove under my socks - don't even know it's on, but it sure works for helping my foot problem. If you don't like the bulky ones, this will work for you. And at a great bargain to boot. Jan. 2013 - OK, I hope I'm not speaking to soon but the sleeve's are working above my expectations. I turned my ankle on a storm drain 30 yrs. ago and it kept flaring up every so often, then i would put the neoprene one on and it would take about four days to get back to normal, but with this one it's better the next day. I hope to eliminate it completely. Now my right foot i got plantar fasciitis 15 yrs. ago and tried all the over the counter inserts, but didn't work that well. Got the shot and it worked for awhile but it would come back, got the $300.00 inserts from the podiatrist and they worked. They fit in some of the boots and shoes but not all. I tried wearing the sleeve in the shoes that the insert didn't work in and it is working so far. Time will tell. I wish i had seen these years ago, that would have really helped me. Ordering more now.

- Doug Winn

I have a lot of swelling in my feet and ankles. I have been using the knee length compression stockings for the swelling but they are a headache to put on and take off. I bought these foot sleeves in the hope that they would accomplish what's needed and be less of a problem to put on and take off. They are perfect for me. They do exactly what I need them to do and are very easy to put on and take off. I'm glad I bought them.

- Philip L. Taylor

Almost immediately after putting on the sock I felt relief from my plantar fasciities. If you purchase these for plantar fasciities you will still need to do your exercises and take Aleve. But they really do help reduce the pain in your arch and heel.

- Lynne

Keep up the great product work. It's nice to get out of bed in the morning and walk to the kitchen instead of crawling.

- Greg B

If you have any type of pain issues in your heel, back of heel, or Achilles tendon, I researched almost every product on the market, and I can say unequivocally I believe this is the best product on the market.

- Christopher

After many months of everything from rest, to release points, to insoles, I figured I would try this "half sock" that kept showing up while surfing for answers. I was very skeptical of something so simple. After one afternoon and one night, I was able run 10 miles the next two days. I wake up with ZERO pain. It has been a real game changer. It delivers as advertised.


After suffering for over a year with my foot pain, this finally did the trick. I'm so happy I have found this. Pain is 99% better! I'm purchasing another one today! :)

- Vicci

Having received my plantar sleeve this week I wanted to inform you how impressed I am by its effectiveness. Not only does it improve my symptoms by almost 100%, it also allows me to carry on running. I was worried that my symptoms would cause me to stop running completely (something I really didn't want to stop) but your product has made a huge difference. When you look at the product you can't imagine that it would make such a big difference, but it does. Not only that, the improvement is virtually instantaneous. I wear it almost all day and I also have peace of mind because of your lifetime guarantee.

- James

I wanted to thank you so much, for having me try your product. I love the compression sleeves. It has really helped! I am going to tell everyone how wonderful they are. Thanks again for making my life better, with your amazing product.

- Janis Bozniak

I'm the Chapter Leader for the Denver, NC chapter of Moms RUN this Town - a FREE nation-wide running club for moms. Several of us are approaching or over forty years old and are starting to deal with foot pain, particularly Plantar Fasciitis. In an effort to stave off the malady I ordered a pair of your foot sleeves this week. I slipped them on after a walk last night and FELL IN LOVE with them. I can't wait to try them after, or even during, my five mile run tomorrow! I have one member with full blown, foot in a boot Plantar Fasciitis who also ordered one sleeve and now wishes that she had purchased a pair!

- Angela Gribbins

I have suffered from Plantar Fasciitis for 3 yrs, and have tried everything! I recently ordered the FS6  and, within 5 days, have walked normally and pain free for the first time in a long time. I wish I had discovered your product earlier. Thank You.

- Julie Hester

I just want to let you know that I've received the FS6 product, and have used it for about a week now, and it is truly amazing. I am running a 50K this weekend, and the FS6 will be on my feet. It is truly amazing how much better my feet feel both day and night, and even when on a run.

- Chad Cerveny

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for sending the replacement FS6 socks so promptly. They arrived on Saturday just before a very long planned Beagle Walk! Having two Beagles myself, we often meet up with a large group of owners to walk together and raise funds for Beagle Welfare. On Sunday we met at Brean to walk a long distance on the beach; allowing the beagles some much needed freedom. Although this is a mainly flat walk, the last time we did this I was unable to go up and down my stairs for days afterwards and was in so much pain with my Plantar Fasciitis I was in tears. I wore my new socks (FS6 compression foot sleeves) this time and my feet were a dream! No pain on the day, no pain in bed and no pain the next day, I cannot tell you how thankful I am. To recognise this amazing pain free walk I donated extra funds to Beagle Welfare as I thoroughly enjoyed my day! I would also just like to note that I found the new sizing a much better fit. Thank you again for your fantastic customer service, I have highly recommended you to many friends and family.

- Rachael Harris

I received the sleeves last week. Thanks so much!  Daughter won state title in shot put, 2nd in discus, thanks to FS6!!!

- Gordon Rabing

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