Testimonials DermaSox

“I have type II diabetes and the skin on my feet is dry and cracking. I don’t always find the time to apply cream often and frequent daily, so I thought I would try these new DermaSox. They are so comfortable and maintain constant moisture on my feet throughout the day. For me they are terrific and offer peace of mind”

– Mike P.


“These moisturized socks made my feet quite soft after just a couple of days. The results were quite amazing and for me much more effective than using creams. The benefits of reducing infections from maintaining moisturized, therefore, less vulnerable skin could be massive in lowering the requirement for treatment for infected diabetics feet, eg. foot ulcers – limb threatening infection. As a Diabetic, I am aware, and work constantly towards the maintenance of good blood glucose levels, through medication, diet and exercise. Having Diabetes predisposes people to potential foot problems, and that coupled with less than well controlled blood glucose levels may lead to very serious feet infections. I would definitely recommend wearing DermaSox to anyone. Excellent product. Thank you.”

– Ms. Taylor


“Popstar Amelia Lily has Type 1 Diabetes and wears DermaSox. She says, ‘I’m absolutely buzzing about my DermaSox, i don’t want to take them off. I can’t wear anything else now!”

Amelia Lily


“I am very, very pleased with the results of my DermaSox. My diabetic nurse at the clinic has commented on the difference to my feet since I started using them. Thank you.”

– O.C. Kent