Varicose Veins Treatment

What Are Varicose Veins?

Many people dread the idea of certain medical conditions, but some middle-age and elderly sufferers more frequently have nightmares about a health issue that doesn’t typically cause any actual harm: varicose veins! Although this dirty little medical word is known as a relatively benign health concern, it can be one nasty sight to take in, as it causes the veins right under the skin to grow larger and darker. Sometimes, these vessels can even begin to take on a spider-web appearance. For these reasons, many patients don’t take varicose veins very lightly – let’s face it, most people don’t want their legs to look tattooed when they reach a certain age!

The condition more often affects the feet and legs because usually it results from increased blood pressure to the lower extremities upon walking and standing. Although the problem is indeed a simple matter of cosmetics for most, it can also cause aches and pain, and it can sometimes lead to deeper circulatory issues if left untreated by this point. Basic measures like wearing the CS6 Calf Compression Sleeve or FS6+ Compression Sleeve will provide treatment for varicose veins.

Before looking into the most effective Varicose Vein Treatment methods, you must first gain a thorough understanding of the symptoms this condition can cause. Not only does this condition often make the veins on your legs more noticeable, but it can also give them an extremely-unwanted twisting and bulging appearance. You might also notice some skin discoloration and even a little bleeding when the circulatory pressure increases. Aside from the disorder’s nasty aesthetic stigma, many patients also dread the feeling of heaviness that can sometimes affect the legs that are varicose. You might even experience a burning or itchy feeling when standing or walking for a longer period of time. This is when you know it’s time to stop avoiding the issue at hand!

Before you shop for a top-notch Varicose Vein Treatment routine that will work for you, take another minute to learn about the causes and risk factors. For one thing, age and gender often play a large role in who is at risk versus who is not at risk. As your body ages, your vessels begin to become more elastic, prompting the blood to sometimes flow in the opposite direction. When this misguided blood begins to pool, you’ll get that enflamed blue look in and around your veins. Women tend to be more at risk, simply because an event like pregnancy (even if it occurs earlier in life) causes the body to naturally increase the volume of blood pumped throughout the vessels in order to promote the growth of the fetus. The end result is often varicose veins that just refuse to go away!

varicose veins treatmentAt this point, you might be wondering: What about me? I never had a baby, and I’m still in my thirties! If this applies to you, you might be experiencing varicose veins simply because of genetics. Family history can often play a significant role in the onset of this condition, particularly at an early age. Even if you never heard your parents complain about the issue, you might have it for reasons that are completely unrelated to genetics. For example, if you’re standing and walking more frequently than you ever have, your body might just produce an undesired circulatory response like varicose veins because of the sudden and ongoing change in pressure. In addition, if you are dealing with a seemingly-separate physical impediment like obesity, this could go a long way toward explaining why the veins in your legs seem to be inventing shapes of their own! The extra fat stored in your cells can often apply more pressure to the surrounding vessels, resulting in varicose veins that seem like they’ll never disappear. If this is the case with you, it goes without saying that shaving off the extra fat while taking more frequent sitting breaks will likely help take some pressure off those blood vessels. However, you’ll want to be a little more proactive when it comes to completely ridding your body of this unsightly condition.

Making those veins appear normal again is sometimes easier said than done, as this accomplishment often requires a lot of patience and persistence. However, at least you probably won’t have to even think about complicated medical procedures or daily doses of medication that bring more side effects than results! There are a few simple Varicose Vein Treatment options you can include in your daily routine in order to give your blood vessels a normal appearance. Firstly, you will want to try to stay off your feet as often as possible whenever you’re not working or exercising. Some people might take this bit of advice as a way of saying stay on the couch at all times, but this logic couldn’t be further from the truth. While it can be beneficial to reduce the amount of time you stand or walk, that’s not to say you want to complete scrap exercising altogether! In fact, keeping your blood flowing will make it much easier for your veins to recover normal function and appearance.

In addition to spending more time off your feet at rest and incorporating a little exercise to your lifestyle, you would be doing yourself a huge favor by investing in a compression leg sleeve.  By adding compression to your legs, these sleeves will gradually allow those muscles to pump blood more freely throughout your body. Although it is definitely crucial to wear them during exercise, you’ll be more likely to remedy the problem at a faster pace if you wear the compression sleeves all day, every day.

While home remedies like compression sleeves are often all that’s required to eliminate the unwanted effects of varicose veins, there are more involved measures you can take if all else fails. For example, some patients require laser surgeries and sclerotherapy and foam sclerotherapy, which involve the injections of a solution that eventually causes the bulky, discolored veins to fade back to normal. In extreme cases, endoscopic vein surgery or catheter-assisted procedures might be necessary – but don’t let the condition progress to this point!

Before you start concerning yourself with doctor’s visits and the possibility of more in-depth medical procedures, try applying the daily use of an Orthosleeve Calf Compression Sleeve or Compression Leg Sleeve. You’ll immediately notice how lightweight these products are, allowing you to continue your routines without even thinking about the helpful foreign object that’s wrapped around your legs. On top of that, you’ll likely begin to see immediate results. With these tips in mind, there’s no reason for you to let the appearance of varicose veins to get under your skin! Just take a deep breath, make a valiant effort to improve your health with good sleep, better nutrition and exercise, then be sure to use a compression sleeve you can comfortably wear on any given day. You never know – following these simple Varicose Vein Treatment steps might just make it easier for you to slip into that sexy bathing suit that’s been sitting in your closet for years or even decades!

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