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Image of a basketball player about to score that states "compression sleeves for basketball players"

Why is a Compression Shin Sleeve Great for Basketball?

Experienced runners and sports enthusiasts have been relying on compression socks for years. Newer to the market are compression shin sleeves, designed to reduce recovery time, prevent injury and provide relief from swelling, cramping, aching calf muscles, and shin splints. This can be especially important for basketball players, who are prone to overexertion and injury during the basketball season – and simply don’t have time to sit on the sidelines as they wait to heal.

The Science Behind It

Compression shin sleeves help to prevent injury, speed recovery, and improve performance by increasing the flow of blood. Keeping fresh, oxygenated blood flowing to muscles and extremities is essential, particularly during sports. Research shows that with consistent compression, the walls of the arteries actually dilate, increasing blood flow to the legs and muscles by as much as 30% during recovery and 40% during exertion. The more oxygen cells available through the blood flow, the better they are able to function. See the case study here.

During exercise, the body also produces lactic acid and other waste products. These waste products must be removed so that they do not build up in muscles, causing pain and soreness. The walls of the veins have been shown to actually constrict under compression, increasing the speed with which deoxygenated blood returns to the heart, and removing lactic acid and other waste products. In addition, compression shin sleeves provide support and cushioning, protecting the calves and shins, stabilizing the muscles, and decreasing the amount of vibration. This can help to prevent fatigue resulting from strenuous activity.

If you're interested in reducing your recovery time, enhancing your performance and preventing muscle pain and fatigue in order to keep up with a heavy basketball schedule, a compression shin sleeve may be just what you need. Try them for yourself, and see the difference they can make for your game.