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Medical Advisor


Dr. Ben Pearl, Podiatrist

Dr. Ben Pearl has been a resident of Arlington, Virginia for fifteen years and has been a practicing physician in the Arlington and McLean area since 1992.

At Indiana University. Ben was a walk on in cross country and switched to bike racing after sustaining an Achilles tendon tear his freshman year.  He raced in the  "Little 500" which was featured in the movie "Breaking Away".

Ben is a graduate of the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine and is a consultant at NIH and on an advisory board at the FDA.  Dr. Pearl is also a fellow of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine and was recently selected as one of the Washingtonian Magazine’s top sports doctors.

Dr. Pearl has a special interest in sports medicine, which is enhanced by his own participation in running, bicycling, soccer and ski instruction.

He blogs regularly on foot care and athletic performance at “Docs for Jocks” and has authored many articles in pediatric sports medicine.


Image of Pam Haig

Ms. Haig has 40 years of clinical and manufacturing pedorthic experience. She opened the first pedorthic medical clinic in Indianapolis in 1984 - Foot One, Inc. and is the only pedorthic clinic affiliated with a manufacturing lab in Indiana accredited with BAPFOL. She is past co-owner of OSI Labs Inc., Indianapolis where she developed a work-flow analysis creating a one week production time for feet orthoses and past co-owner of Southwest Labs, Houston, Texas.

Ms. Haig has served on the Oklahoma State University Health and Environmental Technology Advisory Board since 1996 and was voted Chairman of the Board for the year 2004. She was founding and past Treasurer for The International Alliance For Pedorthic Education And Advancement (The Alliance).  She has lectured as an adjunct faculty member of Ball State University, Anderson University, at the 2005 PFA National Symposium and internationally on Advanced Posting Techniques For Complex Foot And Ankle Deformities.

She is the visionary founder of The Robert M. Palmer, M.D., Institute Of Biomechanics, Inc., a not-for-profit pedorthic biomechanics school and leads an international pediatric campaign with an emphasis on pediatric education and prevention of musculoskeletal injuries, obesity and juvenile diabetes.

She also served as the Co-Principal of the Asian Pedorthic School offered at the Sun-yen Sat University and the Asian Pedorthic School Manufacturing Lab in Canton, China. She returned to Beijing in 2010 at the Grand Opening of the Rehabiliation Hospital; promoting pedorthic education and in 2013 to coordinate pedorthic education in Asia with the approval of the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

She enjoys lecturing at the IU School of Medicine, residency training department. She spends much of her time devoted to clinical applications of pedorthic biomechanics as well as sharing her expertise as a corporate educator to many international foot wear and foot care companies and directs her focus in 2013 - 2015 in research and funding sources to support the vision and mission of the RMPI. We are proud to have Ms. Haig's wealth of knowledge and expertise here at Orthosleeve as a medical advisor.