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Why Use Compression?

OrthoSleeve® products are designed to provide the right amount of compression at specifically targeted areas to increase circulation and blood flow while also providing the much-needed relief your body craves. We call this Compression Zone Technology® (CZT®)

CZT® properly applies medical-grade compression to increase the amount of deoxygenated blood flowing back up to the heart.  Properly applied medical-grade compression can also stabilize the muscle and joints thereby decreasing fatigue and better overall stamina and performance.  

Compression gear is often used by athletes to assist in their athletic performance, but really compression is for most people.

Do you travel? Do you work a sedentary job?  Sitting at your desk, in a plane or car for an extended period can wreak havoc on the blood flow in our legs. You can use compression wear to assist your veins in getting that blood out of your legs and back to your heart thereby preventing blood clots and other dangerous ailments.