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Compression Knee Brace


Designed using medical-grade compression to help promote blood flow and reduce swelling. Our patented zones of compression offer stabilization and comfort with an easy-on fit for continuous support day or night. Hypo-allergenic silicone keeps the sleeve in place so you can maintain your range of motion. 

For the best fit, it is important that you use the size chart before ordering.

  • Made with ultra-soft nylon
  • Treated with silver-ion technology for anti-odor/anti-microbial
  • Moisture wicking fabric
  • Patented medical device for Patellar Tendonitis
  • Medical grade compression
  • Hand wash and hang dry only. Do not wash with bleach or a product that contains bleach


    Above Patella Circumference

    S 11-12 inches or 28-30 centimeters
    M 13-15 inches or 32-39 centimeters
    L 16-18 inches or 40-47 centimeters
    19-21 inches or 48-54 centimeters
    2XL 22-24 inches or 55-62 centimeters
    3XL 25-27 inches or 63-69 centimeters
    4XL 27-34 inches or 70-86 centimeters


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 949 reviews
    Valued Customer
    THE best!

    I have knee wraps/braces of every type and material, you name it, I have it; This particular one is the absolute best for routine work out, It's the pricier one too, for just a single knee sleeve! But trust me, it is the most low profile, most secure (it does not budge at all) and is amazingly supportive. I've tried to find cheaper alternatives, but I'm telling you, they may look identical to this brand, but it's not the same. I recommend it to all my friends and family, and have purchased 6 over the years for myself, my husband, and out parents.

    Valued Customer
    Not bad for a light brace

    If you need light support, this brace is quite helpful. It's easy to put on if you flip it inside out as recommended. The silicone dots on the top band and silicone stays above and below the knee all help keep it in place. Best if you're not wearing it for long periods of time, although I was able to sleep in it while recovering from an injury. All in all, it's a well designed item.

    Valued Customer

    I've done an enormous amount of cycling, hiking and running in my time, from a teenager all the way up. I'm 54 now and slowed way down and my previously strong knees are starting to ache a little. When my dog pulls on her leash walking downhill, I am starting to feel that my knees are not as strong as they once were. I am no longer bench pressing 175lb with my legs. While walking on an icy road in January, pulled by the dog, I slipped and fell. I'm walking only 2 miles a day and standing at my kitchen sink all day nowadays. I finally found sneakers with optimum support which helped my knees not ache but I still felt a little weak on my right one so I bought one of these sleeves. Never worn one before. It definitely helped maintain my balance and kept me more steady on my walks. It's fairly comfortable too. Wearing it feels like my knee is "put together" like maybe this sleeve is holding loose things in place. I'm lucky my knees aren't worse and this just helps me do a little exercise.

    Valued Customer
    Great compression support

    Arrived quickly. Provide great support for my needs. General support of the knee for active lifestyle.

    Valued Customer
    Best Knee Brace

    I've had several knee braces for many years and this is THE best knee brace! Stable and comfortable and pain free knee when playing tennis!