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OS1st Fresh Snaps Deodorizing Balls to absorb odor

: Blue Spirals

The OS1st Fresh Snaps use bamboo charcoal to absorb odor in and release a fresh scent to leave your shoes, lockers, bags, and closets smelling fresh and clean. (3 in Pack)

Fresh Snaps Signature Features:

  • Bamboo charcoal pad to absorb odor
  • Fresh scent ball
  • Easy-to-use design

For Use In: 

  • Shoes
  • Lockers
  • Bags
  • Closets
  • Anywhere else odor exists!


  1. Hold Fresh Snaps in both hands. Grip the indentions with your thumb and forefingers. 
  2. Pull the two sides away from each other so the Fresh Snaps open at the seam. 
  3. Place wherever odor exists for months of freshness.