Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment

Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment

  • Nutritional supplementation – treating an underlying deficiency such as low iron or anemia can often stop restless legs.
  • Exercise – light or moderate exercise combined with stretching can provide restless leg syndrome relief.
  • Medication – medications that treat Parkinson’s Disease, epilepsy, and certain sleep disorders can provide treatment for restless leg syndrome. Please note that your doctor will need to work with you to determine the best combination of drugs for you.
  • Compression Sleeves – many people suffering from restless leg syndrome have noted that the pressure from compression sleeves helps relieve restless legs.

PLEASE NOTE: While some or all of these options may be effective in temporarily easing the pain of plantar fasciitis, they can also be difficult, costly, or uncomfortable.

Restless Leg Syndrome Symptoms

Signs that you may be suffering from restless leg syndrome include (but are not limited to):

  • Uncomfortable sensation in the legs and feet while at rest
  • Occurs while sleeping, a long car or plane ride, or in a movie theater
  • Throbbing, burning, and itching feeling in the leg
  • Restless legs occurring in the evening can lead to insomnia and chronic fatigue

Restless Leg Syndrome Causes and Risk Factors

Here are some common causes and risk factors that can contribute to restless leg syndrome:

Explaining Restless Leg Syndrome

What is Restless Leg Syndrome?

Restless leg syndrome is a frustrating disorder that causes an uncomfortable and painful sensation in the legs. While restless leg syndrome treatments exist, many sufferers feel that the only way to stop restless legs is through movement.

Restless leg syndrome is a recognized neurological disorder. People have recently become more familiar with the syndrome and have worked to find treatment for restless legs.

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