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What is Compression Zone Technology?

Compression Zone Technology® – It’s What’s Up Our Sleeves

A lot of our customers want to know what it is that makes OrthoSleeve® bracing sleeves so different from all the compression stockings, splints, and braces used to treat painful conditions like Plantar Fasciitis, Patellar tendonitis, knee pain, tennis elbow, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Traditional splints and braces versus CZT®

Traditional treatments with common splints and braces rely on you to manually tighten or loosen straps or other similar features and hope that it is providing adequate support to the underlying tissue. While these kinds of braces and splints certainly have some benefits, there’s the downside of not really knowing if the level of tightness that you set in them is affecting your circulation until it's already been on for a long period of time. You may notice symptoms like discoloration or temperature changes in the skin around the brace, or if it’s too loose you probably won’t feel any less pain than before wearing them.

It’s not easy to strike that perfect balance in which the brace is tight enough to function properly, but not too tight to harm circulation. In addition, most of these braces and splints are made of materials that are hot, heavy, bulky, and generally uncomfortable for long-term use (such as overnight or throughout a work day).

The end result is that the device isn’t worn as often as it should be to treat the condition from which the patient is suffering.

Compression Zone Technology® Explained

Without going too deep into the science behind the technology, picture each OrthoSleeve® divided into a number of zones with each zone providing a different level of compression for orthopedic effect.

Generally, the lightest compression is at the outer edges and openings of the sleeve, which facilitates the easy-on-easy-off design and promotes free circulation of blood into and out of the covered area. Then, as you move down the sleeve from either end, the zones of compression change to accommodate the part of the body being treated, with the firmest compression to be found at the exact spot where the highest level of orthopedic support is required to treat the condition in question.

All of this is accomplished through the use of high-grade compression fibers woven together seamlessly to provide maximum benefit and maximum comfort in the same thin and light product, without resorting to any straps or patient-controlled tension.

The CZT® Experience

The bottom line is comfort. If you’ve tried an OrthoSleeve® product, you’ve probably already noticed the difference that each sleeve offers, unlike other mainstream products. OrthoSleeve® bracing sleeve is thin, light, and comfortable so it goes where you go.

By creating a product that is highly effective in providing pain relief, promoting circulation, and supporting injured tendons or muscles, but that is comfortable enough to wear all day or night under your normal clothing, OrthoSleeve® has offered millions of sufferers the relief that they have been searching high and low for.