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Woman using the foot gym to strengthen her feet

Strengthening Your Feet

Strengthening Your Feet Like the rest of our body our foot needs regular exercise for muscle strengthening, however, most people overlook this important part of their body. Foot exercise is taken for granted until pain or problems arise. It is important that we start taking care of our feet through regular foot exercises for muscle strengthening before problems arise and treat the existing problems with proper foot therapy products before they limit the mobility of our body to perform our everyday activities. Here are some ways to strengthen your foot muscles:
  1. Walking barefoot: Walking barefoot is one of the simplest ways to strengthen your foot muscles. Walking with shoes makes our foot soles soft and weak. Walking barefoot results in better blood circulation which not only leads to the strengthening of muscles but also helps in reducing knee and back pain.
  2. Massage: Regular foot massage, where you apply strong pressure on the arch, can help significantly lessen the pain of plantar fasciitis and help in building foot muscle strength. Foot massage has a relaxing effect on our body and helps in promoting psychological as well as physical health.
  3. Stretching: Stretching your toes, trying to grip lightweight objects with them, raising your calf, and balancing on your toes help to stretch the muscles of your feet. Stretching is the most beneficial way to strengthen your foot muscles which will help your feet stay in great shape.

To achieve beneficial results from any foot exercise it is of foremost importance that the exercise is done correctly and methodically. For instance, walking barefoot on an improper surface, massaging incorrectly, or stretching erroneously may increase pressure on the foot muscles giving an adverse result and this is why you need our Foot Gym. The Foot Gym is like no other foot therapy product on the market.  It comes with resistance bands, a non-slip anti-microbial footpad, and a hot or cold massage roller where you can perform a combination of seven different foot exercises, stretches, and massage therapy.  It works to strengthen the often-neglected muscles which leads to improved balance, structural stability, and greater overall foot function.

The Foot Gym will give you increased stability, balance, and foot function with several foot exercises. This is also a prehab/rehab that specifically helps those with Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, and other foot injuries or surgeries. If you’re looking for stronger and more stable feet and ankles, then you’ve come to the right place.