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Thigh/Quad/Iliotibial Band Compression Sleeve


The Thigh Compression Sleeve uses Compression Zone Technology® to relieve and prevent pain from IBS (Iliotibilal Band Syndrome), quad strains, hamstring weakness, leg fatigue, and general pain from sports. Thin and flexible enough to wear under everyday clothes without slipping. 

For the best fit, it is important that you use the size chart before ordering.

  • Targeted conditions: Iliotibial Band Syndrome, quad strains, hamstring weakness, leg fatigue
  • Made with ultra-soft nylon treated with silver-ion technology for anti-odor and anti-microbial moisture wicking abilities
  • Soft gel to keep the sleeve in place
  • Medical grade compression
  • Hand wash and hang dry only. Do not wash with bleach or a product that contains bleach


 Mid-Thigh Circumference

S 15-17 inches or 31-43 centimeters
M 17.5-20 inches or 44.5-51 centimeters
L 20.5-23.5 inches or 52-60 centimeters
24-27 inches or 60-68.5 centimeters