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Woman using the foot gym to strengthen her feet

Strengthening Your Feet

Strengthening Your Feet Like the rest of our body our foot needs regular exercise for muscle strengthening, however, most people overlook this important part of their body
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Man working out with machinery in the gym

Exercise Can Benefit Varicose Veins

Recent research suggests that there is an estimated 40 million Americans who have varicose veins. One of the best ways to help improve overall vein health is regular exercise, due to increased blood flow that helps keeps veins healthy and functional.
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Woman sitting on the bed with feet close to camera giving two thumbs up

All About Bunions

Are bunions becoming a pain to your active life style? If so, you are not alone.  Bunions, or Hallux Valgus, are more common then you may think.
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A plate full of healthy vegetables and other nutritious foods

What Role Does Nutrition Play In Reaching Your Fitness Goals?

What Role Does Nutrition Play In Reaching Your Fitness Goals?

For fitness buffs, the benefits of exercise alone are well worth the commitment.

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3 women lifting weights and exercising

Improving your mental wellness with movement

Anxiety and depression are two of the world’s most prevalent conditions, but when pain comes into the equation, the situation can be particularly difficult to address. As noted by Harvard academics, the relationship between pain and depression is cyclical.
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A happy man working out on a mat in the floor

Dealing With Arthritis Pain

There are many different types of arthritis, including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis that are extremely common, especially in older populations. One thing all arthritis has in common?
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A man working out and wearing our compression socks

Benefits of Medical Grade Graduated Compression

By now, most athletes are familiar with compression wear; you probably even have your own favorite compression sleeve or brand that you wear while running, biking or working out.
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A fit woman working out with weights

Avoiding FAD Diets

Diets of all kinds are attracting consumers, but that does not mean that these nutritional fads or workout trends are successful in making you lose body weight. Even if such a diet causes weight loss in your body, you will likely gain those pounds back in no time.
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Older gentleman riding a bike along the beach

The Importance of Fitness as We Age

There are countless reasons why we tend to slow down and become more sedentary as we age. Health problems, weight gain or pain issues, together with a fear of falling, are some of the most common reasons the elderly refrain from engaging in exercise.
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scenic travel picture

Travel Bucket List: Top 6 Places to See in Your Lifetime

Delicate pink cherry blossoms are a lovely sight to behold anywhere, but they’re especially beautiful in Japan’s Meguro River, where over 800 trees release their blossoms into the water each spring. Walking down the riverbanks while gazing upriver, watching the petals shimmer and scatter on the smallest breezes, is truly breathtaking.
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Man swinging golf club to hit the ball toward the sky

The Biggest Golf Injuries and How to Treat Them

Nothing ruins your golf game like a golf injury. Whether you suffered the damage during a golfing match, or some other fitness activity, it's impossible to maintain a good swing when your elbows, wrists, shoulders, or legs are in pain. Here are a few of the most common golf injuries to look out for, as well as the best ways to treat them.
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Hand pressing on a baby's flat foot

How to Help Flat Feet

We’ve all heard the expression, “flat-footed,” but what exactly does it mean? Pes Planus, also known as “fallen arches”, affects about 60 million Americans, or about 25% of the population. While flat feet are usually painless, they can sometimes lead to a number of problems and health complications. In this post, we will discuss the causes of flat feet and some treatments that can help.
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