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Ice cubes with text saying "The Best Ways to Reduce Swelling"

Hot or Cold? Tips to Reduce Swelling

If you’ve sustained an injury or have a condition that causes swelling, there will be pain that comes along with it. There are times where you will need to apply heat or a cool compress in order to reduce swelling. The Health Encyclopedia from the University of Rochester Medical Center states that hot and cold therapy both serve different functions and choosing either hot or cold solutions can help you relieve your pain faster! Below are some tips to help you decide which temperature is best for you.
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A persons feet with text saying "Plantar Fasciitis Symptoms"

How to Recognize Plantar Fasciitis

There are a number of injuries and conditions that can cause foot pain. One of these conditions is plantar fasciitis. The plantar fascia is the ligament connecting your heel bone to your toes and supports the arch of your foot. WebMD explains that plantar fasciitis occurs when the ligament becomes inflamed, causing noticeable pain in your foot- especially your heel. Heel pain is one of the most common complaints that podiatric specialists receive. So, how do you know when it's plantar fasciitis?
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What is Compression Zone Technology?

A lot of our customers want to know what it is that makes OrthoSleeve® bracing sleeves so different from all the compression stockings, splints, and braces used to treat painful conditions like Plantar Fasciitis, Patellar tendonitis, knee pain, tennis elbow, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
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The FS6 became #1 Selling Light Sport Brace within it's First Year!

The success of our flagship product, the FS6 Compression Foot Sleeve still amazes even us - and we knew it was awesome before we even released it! It's been ten months now since the FS6 became the hottest selling product in the Run Specialty Retail Market, and it's still going strong in the #1 position.
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What is Chronic Venous Insufficiency?

Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI) is a common circulatory disease in which the veins of the leg are unable to efficiently return blood to the heart, resulting in pain, swelling, and potentially more serious conditions. You'll want to see your doctor if you notice swelling and tenderness around the ankle and calf that's not related to a known injury.  Also, the appearance of varicose veins can indicate CVI.
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Millions of FS6 Compression Foot Sleeves Sold!

We're proud as can be about the success of the FS6 Compression Foot Sleeve, which has now sold well over a million units after being on the market for less than two years! Of course, the technology behind the FS6 Compression Foot Sleeve is exciting, but we're also proud of the way the OrthoSleeve brand has grown organically over the last two years and we're just thrilled with the feedback we get from our valued customers!
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What is Deep Vein Thrombosis?

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a condition in which blood clots form in the deep veins of the body, usually in the lower legs. 

While the clotting can be uncomfortable, due to swelling and other symptoms, this condition only becomes dangerous if that blood clot breaks free, travels through the circulatory system and lodges in the lungs, causing a pulmonary embolism, which can kill.

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The Technology Behind the FS6 Compression Foot Sleeve

The FS6 Compression Foot Sleeve has proved to be an incredibly popular product among serious runners, seniors, and anyone who suffers from painful plantar fasciitis. The Compression Zone Technology® used in the design and manufacture of this one-of-a-kind foot sleeve is the basis of its success. 
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